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Waterhound Futures was founded in February 2019 to convert a proven offline simulation and predictive modelling tool to a cloud-based software and to commercialise it to optimise and manage water and waste water treatment assets. The Waterhound Solution consolidates proven underlying algorithms and an empirical database from 25-years of design and manufacturing of waste water treatment systems. Clients have included such Fortune 500 companies as Ford, IVECO, Caterpillar, Fiat, Nestlés, Mars, Halliburton and ExxonMobil and  Baker Hughes. Waste water has been treated successfully – and systems have been optimised and monitored – to achieve such exacting discharge requirements as the Australian regulatory standards, including compliance in sensitive environments.

Waterhound is proud to participate in the UK Department for International Trade Global Entrepreneur Programme

Waterhound Futures selected to be part of Microsoft for Startups Programme

Winner of The Water Council 2019 AI Tech Challenge

Finalist in 2019 and 2020 for the H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award

We treat water like it matters... it does

Waterhound is a cloud-based predictive simulation modelling and analytics

Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution. Waterhound enhances the work of in-house engineers, operators, sales teams and corporate management to optimise water and waste water treatment performance and cost efficiencies.  Waterhound applies machine learning and AI in an integrated environment to water and waste water treatment, water reuse/recycle and energy recovery and management. Waterhound is also a tool for asset optimisation and risk assessment, predicting partial or complete failure of components and plant.

Importantly, Waterhound goes beyond collecting data from SCADA systems and represents it in graphical interfaces.  Waterhound interprets data and provides users with practice information that can be used to achieve specific results.  Some of that practical information includes being able to:


  • Verify compliance with regulatory discharge requirements
  • Design, test and verify designs for optimal performance and cost-efficiencies in new build plants
  • Audit, monitor and design to repurpose existing systems to reuse/recycle water and recovery energy
  • Reduce OPEX – and environmental impact – by minimising water, energy and chemical usage
  • Lower individual project – and overall – corporate water and carbon footprints
  • Manage one – or a fleet of – assets from a central site
  • Independently monitor compliance of suppliers in a company’s supply chain with its/industry sustainability standards 


BUSINESS MODEL:  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool for end-users. As a ready-made tool, Waterhound software empower companies, their engineers and operators to generate high quality operational data with measured results.

SOFTWARE COMPANY:  Waterhound is a software company.  We sell software subscription licenses and license use of specific functionalities of our software to supplement a customer’s in-house technologies, capacity or offering.  Additionally we assist customers with front-end set-up and training to use Waterhound software and achieve optimal results. Waterhound sells subscription licenses to end-users – and as a Professional Tool for in-house use by engineering firms.

‘VENDOR AGNOSTIC’:  Waterhound can integrate specific performance standards for any manufacturers’ product or technology used in water and wastewater treatment and energy systems and compare it with the actual product or technology-performance.

INDEPENDENT DATA-BASED DECISION-MAKING:  Waterhound produces information for operations, corporate management, shareholders and investors on a company’s operational, financial and sustainability performance, which is free from supplier bias and operator error.

Based on first principles of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering,

Waterhound is a start-up company, which is converting an offline model with algorithms that have been proven over 25-years in the design-and-build of water and waste water treatment systems.  Waterhound software is ”vendor agnostic’ and can compare manufacturers’ performance standards of any technology or product used in treatment processes against actual performance – and its overall performance as an integrated step in the process treatment train.


are able to monitor all treatment processes, from input to output, using one tool and to conduct predictive maintenance, not reactive or scheduled maintenance when the treatment system already has a problem or optimal performance has already dropped off.


including design engineers, are able to test and verify projected operational and cost efficiencies of system designs before any capital costs are incurred


is provided with a tool to:

  • Reduce operating costs as the result of lower water, energy and chemical usage
  • Assess risks (performance, environmental, financial, reputation) and partial or full system failure
  • Streamline compliance and environmental-social-and-governance data collection and report generation

Applications include











Food and beverage








Asset optimisation




Textiles and apparel production

Vision and Strategic Objectives

Our vision at Waterhound is simple: eliminate pollution of freshwater resources by untreated – or inadequately treated – waste water and minimise the amount of freshwater, energy and chemicals used in conventional water and waste water treatment.

Data-based decision tool for management,

replacing subjective ‘gut feeling’ assessments of operations with data-based decision making, gaining practical, actionable information that is free from supplier bias and operator error. 

Treating wastewater is good business

Waterhound’s aim is to make the robust pursuit and adherence to sustainable and resilient wastewater treatment the profitable business choice and to verify, collate and align our customers’ environmental data for use in annual financial and sustainability reporting.

Sustainability and resilience best practices

Align data collection, analyses and modelling with international best practice standards and simplify Environmental and Sustainability verification and financial report generation at the click of a button

Compliance verification

Waterhound software can be used by both corporate management and regulatory authorities to verify compliance with company sustainability and environmental standards and legal requirements for the treatment and disposal of waste water. The result is to reduce operating costs and the company’s local and corporate carbon footprint.

Water Stewardship Standard

Establish water stewardship as the principal business and operational standard in approaching water basin issues with other water users.


Julie King

Julie King

Managing Director, Waterhound International

Queen Mary University of London, Law; Stockholm University, International Masters. 20 years working with small companies, start-ups and water technologies.

Michael Levey

Michael Levey


BSc in Physics from Imperial College London. 20+ years designing and manufacturing water and wastewater treatment systems for oil and gas, mining, food and beverage production and manufacturing.

Tony Jones, PhD

Tony Jones, PhD

Doctorate in oceanography, University of Hawaii. 20+ years working with start-ups and small companies in finance and technology development. and the impact of wastewater in a marine environment.

Waterhound for Engineers

DESIGN – AUDIT – MONITOR – ‘BIG DATA’ ANALYTICS – SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING:  Selection of the optimal water and waste water treatment and energy system design can be expensive and time consuming for front-end engineering and costings. It is complicated further by the uncertainty of future environmental regulations, water source degradation, changes to manufacturing processes and the large number of treatment alternatives.

Waterhound software allows engineers to input project/asset data on an on-going basis to generate consulting reports.  Engineers are able to override general treatment parameters with project-specific data and manufacturers’ warranted performance standards to refine predictive modelling and analytics results.

Waterhound trains our customers’ engineering teams to achieve high quality results, depending on the needs of each customer and project.

Companies are faced with two choices:

Adding time and money

the future cost of design changes if the process selection process was flawed


Operational cost and risk

of correcting problems encountered if waste water treatment operation parameters are not corrected for a period of time

The Waterhound system monitoring data

Waterhound software enables the testing, verification and selection of alternative design options for existing waste water treatment systems. This modelling informs critical corporate decision-making, policies and procedures for predictive maintenance, asset optimisation, reduced water use, energy recovery and lower chemical usage.

Waterhound software facilitates reductions in freshwater and energy consumption by:

  • Identifying opportunities to treat production waste water for reuse and recycle
  • Monitoring and predicting equipment deterioration
  • Making adjustments to operational parameters to minimise energy and chemical consumption
  • Mitigating environmental impact and regulatory risks from accidents 
  • Minimise unplanned operational downtime

Contact us

Schedule a technical demo – work with us as an Early Adopter – or discuss application of Waterhound’s predictive modelling tool to your specific business and operational needs.

Unit 6 Carlton Yard, Victoria Road, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 7RD. United Kingdom


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“Globally, it is likely that over 80% of wastewater is released to the environment without adequate treatment.”

UNESCO, 2017

“The opportunities from exploiting wastewater as a resource are enormous. Safely managed wastewater is an affordable and sustainable source of water, energy, nutrients and other recoverable materials.”

UNESCO, 2017

“By 2030, global demand for water is expected to grow by 50%. This will require new approaches to wastewater collection and management. Indeed, reused wastewater may help address challenges like food production and industrial development.”

European Water Association

“When not ignored, used water has long been seen as simply a burden for disposal. With rising water scarcity in many regions, this is changing, and we see increasing recognition of the importance of wastewater collection, treatment and reuse…Data availability remains a persisting challenge, particularly in developing countries. Recent analysis shows that out of 181 countries, only 55 had information on the generation, treatment and use of wastewater, and the remaining ones had no or only partial data. In the majority of countries where data were available, it was outdated. This information bottleneck impedes the research and development necessary to craft innovative technologies and adapt existing ones to local specificities and needs.”

Irina Bokova Director-General of UNESCO, UN World Water Development Report 2017: Wastewater: The Untapped Resource

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